brigid stowell


I love painting. It enables me to see the things around me with a greater clarity, analysing them in a way I don't think I would do otherwise. My inspiration has always been the world around me, how I perceive it, what visual cues give my brain the information about the objects in front of me and how this can be translated into paint on paper. My main focus is of light and colour, and seeing what my eyes are actually seeing, and not what I think they should be seeing.

I am interested in the creating of an illusion, the colourful marks of paint on a piece of paper conjuring up a scene. But I also take great joy in making these marks - I love creating paintings that look like they have been painted. There is a spontaneity and a lightness to this that I enjoy.

Because of this my influences tend to be artists whose paintings veer towards the painterly. Initially, in the early days of my painting I was very interested in the impressionists. Looking at their pictures made me aware of the changing light and of the myriad spectrum in the pavements and on the walls. Maurice Utrillo's paintings especially influenced me, as well as Monet's many studies of light. I learned more about different styles and became interested in the expressionist painters and the way they used the paint. I love looking at all kinds of painting and get inspiration from them, but I am especially interested in any artist who is interested in light and brushstrokes. My favourite living artist is Kurt Jackson who paints things I love in a way I love.

Hopefully after looking at my paintings people can see and appreciate the beauty and the colour that is all around us.