brigid stowell


I moved to the Isle of Man from England in 1992 aged 6. I had always had a strong family attachment to the island and been immersed in its history, landscapes and culture and consequently the island has always been my true home. I have been painting since taking GCSE art at the age of 15. Early on I knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Painting made life more interesting, it provided a way to look at the world that was new, stimulating and full of wonder.

I had planned to carry on with my art education but after A Level I had doubts and decided to follow my own path. I decided to do a philosophy degree at Sheffield University. I vowed to keep painting throughout the degree and worked on mainly Manx landscapes during this time. During university I became depressed and this has profoundly affected my life and forced me to consider how I live my life and what I value most. Painting has been, and continues to be instrumental in my recovery from depression. Since university I have been working on developing my painting style and building my portfolio.